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  Fire regulations for commercial facilities  
  Ever since the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City in 1911, the government has regulated workplace safety. Today, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates under Title 8 General Industry Safety Order...
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Be aware of fire risks.

Workers don’t always know what’s in every container on their worksites, and passersby may not know when a substance is dangerous. Many substances common at industrial or manufacturing sites — like acetone, gasoline and propane — give off harmful vapors that can catch fire if even a tiny spark comes into contact with them.

You don’t want a serious structural fire just because people weren’t aware of the dangers lurking in an innocuous-looking jug or vat. Flammable signs panerai replica watches help warn everyone to keep fires well away. Commonly available in fluorescent colors, these crucial signs are also available with ANSI pictograms, with OSHA-compliant lettering and a clear, unobtrusive “danger” warning at the top, or with custom design templates that allow you to choose the wording yourself.


Flammable Signs   Common causes of fires
If you’ve never seen a house fire, take our word for it – they move quickly. It can take as little as thirty seconds for a spark from a smoldering cigarette butt to turn an otherwise replica patek philippe perfectly safe house into an inferno. While we’re all taught from a very young age to “stop, drop and roll,” very few private citizens take much note of fire...

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Flammable Signs and Symbols   Why we need fire safety signs
In 2010, fires caused $11.6 billion in property damage in the United States. On average, fire kills nine people each day. With such substantial harm, fire prevention and emergency preparation are extremely important in both workplaces and households. Fire safety signs are one way to do this…

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